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Types and Benefits of Mezzanine Storage Systems

In tight work-spaces a mezzanine storage system can increasemezzanine shelving in duai
your facility’s capacity and productivity. Cramped distribution centers can become increasingly inefficient. A mezzanine storage system puts your vertical space to use and many companies have found them to be a very cost effective space solution. When compared with the costs of construction and real estate to expand horizontally mezzanines represent a real bargain.

Our mezzanine systems are pre-engineered or custom engineered structures that can be added to warehouses, distribution centres and manufacturing operations to increase storage capacity or create additional areas of production. Mezzanine Platform Systems can be constructed of roll-formed steel or structural steel. We design mezzanines to fit exact specifications for height, area and load requirements.
Types of Mezzanine Storage Systems:
Catwalks Mezzanine Storage
Catwalk mezzanines can be adjacent to an elevated conveyor or other materials handling equipment. This gives maintenance personnel easy access to the equipment. You can add pallet drop zones, stairways and gates to your catwalk system.
Freestanding Mezzanine Storage
Freestanding mezzanines are generally considered a fixture in the building. Its steel support columns are bolted to the floor and take up minimal space. Where the usual configurations or loading requirements aren’t a factor modular freestanding mezzanines can be the perfect solution.
Full Mat Mezzanine Storage
Full mat mezzanines combine the features of both freestanding and catwalk systems. They have an open second level and can be installed over your existing shelving or workspace areas.
Integrated or Structural Mezzanine Storage
Structural mezzanines are manufactured into the building as part of the original design and are considered part of the structure. These permanent mezzanines typically have a concrete floor. The primary benefit is the load weight they will support.
Structural; Shelving and Rack Supported Storage System
Shelf and rack supported mezzanines are supported by conventional pallet rack uprights or bin shelving systems, so they don’t require any structural columns. Their primary advantage is affordability, because they are built upon storage you already have.
Pallet rack mezzanines
Shelving mezzanines
Customized Mezzanine Storage
Almost any design, componenents, column spacing and unusual load characteristics can be accommodated in a custom mezzanine design.
Benefits of Mezzanine Storage Systems
  • Essentially double your available floor space through efficient use of the existing cube in your facility
  • Increase your productivity
  • Avoid or minimize moving expenses
  • Minimize disruptions during installation
  • Avoid the need to rent, build or purchase additional space
  • Avoid or minimize additional property taxes
  • Make optimum use of existing heating, ventilating and cooling systems
  • Provide demounting and relocating options
  • Provide expandability for future growth
  • Offer possible tax advantages through accelerated depreciation
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